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Hypergryd, coupled hybrid networks for integrated thermal-electric smart energy districts


Hypergryd is an EU-funded project with a budget of 5.9 million and develops cost-effective and energy efficient integrated software solutions across the platform, based on interdisciplinary actions to promote smart grid integration, energy storage and increased participation of renewable energy to accelerate sustainable transformation and demonstrate that Smart Grids are the future of Efficient Energy Management in DHC in synergy with the LEC/Smart Cities Power Grids of the future.

This project is based on three main concepts: high RES dispatchability, DHC and heating energy solutions and contextual ICT control strategies, and SHG production that will enable a significant gain in RES share in the overall demand of urban districts.

The main objective of this project is to develop innovative key components, in parallel with innovative and integrated ICT services consisting of a scalable set of tools for the proper management of the increasing complexity of systems from building to Local Energy Community (LEC) levels and beyond, to accelerate the sustainable transformation, planning and modernisation of District Heating and Cooling (DHC) towards 4th and 5th generation.

Hypergryd also aims to develop real-time management of electrical and thermal energy flows in the complex of coupled energy networks, including the synergies between them.

During the project, HYPERGRYD solutions will be implemented through 4 Live-In-the-Labs cases in 3 representative climates provided by the consortium of 19 partners from 7 countries, with special consideration to their cost-effectiveness and potential replicability to ultimately achieve their main objectives.

All these tasks will ensure systematic and scientific performance measurements, feedback and powerful exploitation, as well as the strengthening of market potential and awareness of different stakeholders, users and general public on new market opportunities in different European contexts and identification of financial solutions to support the penetration of Hypergryd technologies.

KEZO Research Center (Poland)
EURAC (Italy)